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Free 3d drawings before confirmation


We believe in allowing our client to know what they are paying for. While the industry standard maybe to get an illustration after deposit made or require client to pay a sum of money for such drawings, we at renolux interior produces our 3d drawings even before any deposit is being made. This allows for our clients to know what they are paying for. This greatly reduces the chance of dispute as different design cost differently . Having only a 2d floor plan of boxes and lines will not be able to show any design and hence clients will not be able to understand if the cost on the quote is really suffice for their design requirements.

Below is our photo gallery and scroll down for more info

Free 3d drawings before confirmation


Having a 3d view allows for a better visualization of your house before committing to the design, at Renolux interior , we take it to a further , making us one of the first interior design company in Singapore to incorporate vr rending to our pre-sales design presentation.


Vr vs reality of home office design

Vr vs reality of Kitchen design

Vr vs reality of Toilet design


On top of that we have the vr drawing for our customer free of charge, this allows for our customer to feel at east in using our services and ensure mimimal mis communication , an issue that is quite common in the interior design and renovation industry.

We hope you have a better understanding of our 3D rendering services. Feel free to contact us @ sales@renoluxinterior.com.sg for more information


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